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"I was frantic, my 3 year old locked herself in the car that was running and I had no other keys. I tried everything but she would not cooperate with me. I called Dennis at Onsite Locksmith LLC. He arrived within 15 minutes of my call to my relief. Since I was new to Spartanburg, SC I didn't know who to call. My car was unlocked and thankfully it was not too hot that day." Dennis

"I had just finished up my shopping at the supermarket. My driver’s door has a habit of re-locking itself. I kept wanting to have it fixed but did not have the time. I loaded everything and put the keys with my purse on the seat and the door locked me out. In tears, I asked the car next to me who I should call. They recommended Dennis. I called and he arrived within a half hour of my call. My groceries were saved and I was shocked at how little it cost. I have Onsite Car on speed dial now." Karen

"I always thought people who needed someone to unlock car or home was crazy and should be more careful, that was until I had my daughter. Our home door automatically locks and she locked us all out. It was nearly 100 degrees that day and I was a mess. I called Onsite to help us with our lockout. Within 20 minutes we were back in our house safe and sound." Richard

"For some reason I went to open my business door on a Monday morning about 6 am and the lock was jammed. I only had keys to the front entry and I panicked. I was experiencing a lockout and was devastated. I called Onsite and within 45 minutes they had me back in my business. What relief since my first clients was showing up at 8 am. Thanks Dennis." Carla

"We stopped at a yard sale and was browsing around. I left the car running because it was so hot out. Before my husband got out of the car he hit the lock button on the door and did not know it. We were locked out of the car and tempers were flaring. He wanted to use an old hanger, but I knew better. I called Onsite and they had us up and running with their 24 hour lockout service in no time. They can unlock car, truck or anything. I highly recommend them." Lisa

“I never lock my house doors and could not even tell you where the keys are. To my surprise someone else had locked the door without telling me. I tried every window in the house including the patio doors and needed someone to come unlock my house. I called my friend who said she had used Onsite before to unlock cars. I am so glad I called rather than attempting a break-in. The company got me back in my house quickly and I am so glad I called." Stella

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